Wichita Area Central Office is open:

Every Saturday 10:00am to 2:00pm
and Wednesdays 3:00pm to 6:00pm

Basic Price List

For help 24/7 call:


Mailing Address:

2812 E English

Wichita, KS 67211


Current Central Office Board of Directors:

Al S (chair)            Britt C            Mike B     

Mark H           Candice W           Randy R            Justin

 send your feedback to:   manager@aawichita.org


Central Office Representatives (COR) Committee:

Chair - Patrick L          Moderator - Winwood B         Secretary - Diane P

contact Patrick at:   corchair@aawichita.org

How can YOU help?

Volunteer Here

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Or contact one of these COR Standing Committee Chairs:

Volunteer Coordinator Chair - Rex M at: volunteer@aawichita.org

Call Forwarding Chair Debi D at: callforward@aawichita.org

District Liaison Chair Marcus H at: districtliaison@aawichita.org

Web Chair Chuck P at: webchair@aawichita.org


Central Office provides support and services to not only the A.A. community but to the community in the Greater Wichita Metro Area. 

To carry the message the Central Office does the following:

    *Coordinates the 24-hour telephone service for callers seeking help
    *Guides newcomers to meetings and also assists in the start up of new A.A. meetings.
    *Serves as a central source of information on A.A. activities, A.A. literature, and special events.  
    *Maintains a 12th Step call list.
    *Operates and maintains a book store for A.A. conference-approved literature and A.A. Grapevine items.
    *Carries a large inventory of birthday/anniversary medallions.
    *Supports the activities of the local district and standing committees.
    *Publishes a meeting schedule, updated as needed.
    *Communicates with the A.A. General Service Office, and responds to requests received.
    *Sets up a "mini" Central Office at local conventions and conferences.
    *Maintains this web site

Service Guidelines and Bylaws
of the Central Office can be viewed here

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