Other 12th Step Fellowships


Listings here are for your convenience only and do not imply endorsement or affiliation.  Many organizations now use A.A.'s 12 steps, with their own modifications, to aid in recovery from problems other than alcohol. While AA is not affiliated with these other organizations, we do consider them to be friends of A.A. and include them here for reference: 

Wichita Area Al-Anon Family Groups (includes Alateen) Listing for Al-Anon Family Groups in the Wichita Metro Area

Narcotics Anonymous in Wichita Listings for meetings in the Wichita Metro Area

Cocaine Anonymous in Wichita  Kansas Area Website

Overeaters Anonymous  O.A. Website

Co-dependents Anonymous CoDA Website

Gamblers Anonymous in Kansas  Listings for meetings Statewide

Crystal Meth Anonymous  Listings for meetings Statewide

Sex Addicts Anonymous  S.A.A. Website

Sexaholics Anonymous  S.A. Website

Nicotine Anonymous  Nicotine Anonymous Website